Baron Davis to Mentor Kyrie Irving

by September 26, 2011

B-Diddy says he’s got nothing but love for the Cavs’ incoming point guard, and wants to mentor Kyrie Irving early on in his NBA career. From the Plain Dealer: “For now, Kyrie Irving and Baron Davis are just a couple of unlikely college students. Irving has gone from top pick in the NBA Draft in June to rubbing elbows with Duke co-eds in theater class. Davis has transitioned from 12-year NBA veteran to one of the richest men going back to school since Rodney Dangerfield. Their academic status — like their budding friendship — is nontraditional. While some might view Irving as a threat to Davis’ starting role with the Cavaliers, the 32-year-old point guard seems to be embracing the youngster. They met this spring in Cleveland at Irving’s predraft workout and have remained in touch during the NBA lockout. ‘[I’m] really looking forward to playing with, and mentoring, Kyrie,’ said Davis in an e-mail. ‘He’s so talented, creative, smart, has so much potential and could become a great cornerstone of the Cavaliers’ franchise for many years to come. I’ve been talking to him a lot this summer about NBA life, and in Cleveland, he’s going to learn so much from coach [Byron] Scott, who will be a great mentor as well.’ Davis, who’s taking classes at UCLA, had a decent finish to last season after the Los Angeles Clippers shipped him and a first-round pick to the Cavaliers for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon on Feb. 24. The draft pick was the lottery winner the Cavs used to select Irving. The two-time NBA All-Star could help shepherd the teen through his first season. Davis has played and clashed with the demanding Scott during their days together in New Orleans (2004-05), but he has gained perspective on the relationship.”