Beer Prices at NBA Arenas Edge Up for ’12-13 Season

Here’s an interesting tidbit that came across the newswire today:

From via PRWeb:

While this year features the full 82 games and the league seems to have recovered nicely from their 2011-2012 strike-shortened season, fans are generally getting a better value for their beer-dollar this year with a few notable exceptions.

Overall, prices edged upward from the 2010-11 season by about 3 percent. Of course, when prices start at $5.00 every penny tacked-on hurts.

Five dollar beer can still be had while watching a San Antonio Spurs or OKC Thunder home game. The best deal is found at Pepsi center, home of the Denver Nuggets, where a 24 ounce cup of suds can be had for $6.25.

The most expensive brew in the league is found watching either a Lakers or Clippers home game where $7.50 buys a 10 ounce or 12 ounce serving (respectively). That’s a whopping 75 cents per ounce to watch Kobe and the Lakers put on a show. To put that in perspective, a six pack would set a thirsty basketball fan back almost 54 dollars.