Ben Gordon Says He Was a Failure in Detroit

by January 07, 2013

Say this for Ben Gordon: the man is honest, painfully so. Gordon tells the media in Detroit that he was a “failure” in his three seasons with the Pistons. Per the Detroit News: “Gordon, 29, didn’t shy away from assessing his three years as a Piston, terming it ‘a failure.’ ‘Yeah, because when I came here, it was — is — a great, storied organization,’ he said. ‘I had visions of going to the playoffs and things of that nature. We didn’t make it while I was here and that was disappointing to me. We had the talent, but for some reason we were never able to reach that goal of being one of the better teams in the East.’ As a member of the Chicago Bulls from 2004-09, Gordon commonly turned in 20-point games, but once he came to Detroit after signing a free-agent contract, those scoring binges were few and far between — and the pressure was completely different after signing for five years, $55 million. […] ‘I think my role here was a lot different,’ said Gordon, who had 18 points and four assists in Charlotte’s 108-101 victory Sunday night. ‘In Chicago I came off the bench, but I also started a lot of games, too. I played a lot more there.’ Although he pointedly stated there are no regrets, as he began friendships with many of his teammates during the three years in Detroit, the experience does eat at him. ‘I’ve thought about that and I think about it a lot,’ Gordon said. ‘It’s a lot of different reasons but it’s just things with anything in life you try to learn from. You learn from your failures and try to get better.'”