Beno Udrih Wouldn’t Mind a Trade from the Milwaukee Bucks

by March 05, 2012

Beno Udrih has seen his minutes take a serious hit as a backup in Milwaukee, and says that playing for another team wouldn’t bother him in the least. From Hoopsworld: “I was averaging thirty four minutes per game and now I’m playing like sixteen or seventeen minutes per game, so it’s a totally different game I have to go out there and play,’ Udrih said referencing going from starter minutes in Sacramento to a reserve role. ‘Even my stats went down shooting wise because sometimes you come into the game and you only get two shots. That makes your percentage go down. I just have to stay positive and go out there and try to help my team as much as I can to win.’ The NBA trade deadline is set for March 15 and Udrih has generated interest from numerous teams around the league who are looking to acquire proven leadership at the point guard position should the Bucks choose to shop him aggressively. In 234 career games as a starter Udrih has averages of 13.4 points, 5.1 assists and 3.3 rebounds. He is owed $6.9 million this season and has a player option worth $7.4 million in 2013. Udrih confirms he’s heard the buzz about some of the potential suitors for his services and takes it as a measure of respect for his game. ‘It is always good to hear that teams are interested,’ Udrih said. ‘But until [a trade] happens, I’m here. I’m a Milwaukee Buck player. I’m going to give it 100 percent every game while I’m here. Nothing can change that. So I’m going to go out there and play hard until something happens, if it happens.’ The 29 year old guard would also welcome a change of scenery if the trade winds came calling over the next two weeks. ‘Most players in the NBA are basically only numbers so anybody is tradable if they feel they can get something,’ Udrih said. ‘I’m a guy who looks at [change] like a good thing. I never take it as hard feelings. I try to make the best of every situation that comes along.'”