Better Never Than Laett

I don’t know what’s better about this story—a group including Christian Laettner buying the Grizzlies, the fact that former Duke teammate (and more?) Brian Davis is the main investor, or the fact that Laettner intends to make an NBA comeback, despite the fact that he’s 36, hasn’t been on an NBA roster in over a year, and he sucks (he last averaged double-digit points in 2001).

I won’t lie. I don’t like Christian Laettner. Never have, never will. From his floppy-haired frat-boy days at Duke when he was stomping on chests and hitting game-winning shots, to his useless NBA days when he still acted like a dick despite getting no burn, he’s always had all the appeal of the insufferable preppy guy in a John Hughes movie. Can’t you just see him walking around campus with a sweater draped over his popped-collar Izod? Who ever rooted for this guy? Billy Zabka, maybe? Even Cherokee Parks, who adopted the Laettner look in college, decided to try something new when he turned pro.

Then again, there is a plus to this whole thing—remember the rumors that Laettner and Davis, among other Duke players, were gay (look about halfway down)? Hopefully those get revived. That would make this whole thing easier to take.