Bibby Is Not Going to Cleveland…This Week

by July 16, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-In perhaps the least exciting signing of the weekend (even moreso than Magloire’s deal), Jason Hart is now officially a member of the Utah Jazz. You may commence yawning.

-Devin Harris is learning to become a leader of men.

-The Bibby-to-Cleveland deal is once again off the table. Stay tuned for when it’s back “on” again two weeks from now. I love this story!

-Says Newsday: The Jermaine O’neal-to-New Jersey deal is “not dead yet.” Do with that information what you will.

-Eva and Tony’s wedding featured music from ‘Gladiator’. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any man-eating tigers. Pity.

-The Matrix might be left off Team USA this summer due to foot pain.

“He’s been bothered by it, and it would be hard for him to participate in USA Basketball this summer,” Jerry Colangelo said. “In all probability, he won’t be playing.”

-This has nothing to do with the NBA, but Taurian Fontenette (AKA “Air Up There”) has completed yet another 720 degree dunk. I-n-s-a-n-e.

-And finally for today: Holy crap, is that dog on ‘roids?! (Via: WWTDD)