Big Baby Wants Doc Rivers to ‘Pipe it Down Sometimes’

by January 06, 2011

Davis is receptive to constructive criticism from his demanding coach, but he can only hear so much of it. A bit of silence from time to time would be helpful, he says. From WEEI: “Following his most productive night of the season in the scoring column, Davis said coach Doc Rivers continues to give him plenty of tough love this season. But Davis added that Rivers is working with him this season harder than ever to get the most out of him. ‘He has, he has worked with me,’ Davis said after scoring a season-best 23 on 10-of-18 shooting from the field. ‘He’s given me the opportunity to show what I got. He is still hard on me. He’s still hard. It’s like a love hate thing. It’s like you love it but pipe it down sometimes.’ Asked to describe their relationship, Davis – who detailed his new role as father in December -said it’s a very complicated, but effective one. ‘For sure father son, like step-son,’ Davis said of Rivers. ‘He loves me. But it’s like I still love you, but I’m hard on you. It is what it is.’ Davis and Rivers got into a heated argument on New Year’s Eve when the Celtics lost to the Hornets at the Garden, with Davis missing an ill-advised three-pointer to tie it late. Rivers afterward said Davis was guilty of playing too much ‘hero-ball.’ But then there was the loving part of their relationship, which Rivers clearly showed after Wednesday’s dramatic win, not possible, according to Rivers, without him.”