Bill Walker Thinks Kevin Garnett Was ‘Disrespectful’ in Skirmish

The thrilling Knicks/Celtics game yesterday ended on an ugly note, as an angry Kevin Garnett pushed Bill Walker in the neck after missing the game-tying shot. Newsday captured Walker’s reaction: “After Bill Walker contested Kevin Garnett’s unsuccessful attempt to tie the score in the final seconds, the two former Celtics teammates exchanged harsh words. Garnett then put his left hand on Walker’s throat before the two were separated, first by injured Knicks guard Baron Davis. ‘I guess he got mad that I contested his shot,’ said Walker, who had scrambled to cover Garnett after colliding with Tyson Chandler, who was supposed to be guarding the Celtic. ‘He grabs my hand, tangles it up, I pulled my hand away and then we had a situation.’ Did Walker do anything to provoke Garnett? ‘I’m a grown man,’ he said. ‘You’re putting your hands in my face … Come on. Y’all know what the man does.’ Walker said he was unsure precisely where Garnett made contact with him. ‘I don’t know where he caught me,’ he said. ‘I just know I saw his hand coming in my face, you know what I mean? That’s disrespectful.’ Garnett declined to discuss the incident with reporters.”