Billups’ Turn to Criticize All-Star Voting

Tell ’em why you mad, son: “You end up having guys that are in that position that are taking away from some deserving guys,’ Denver guard Chauncey Billups said in an interview with FanHouse about the possibility of Iverson getting elected in the East or McGrady in the West. Billups could be one of those guys … With the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant being the other starter, it would take one spot away from a group of impressive West guards when coaches vote for reserves. Those sweating include Billups, Nash, New Orleans’ Chris Paul, Portland’s Brandon Roy, Utah’s Deron Williams and Golden State’s Monta Elllis. ‘You probably want to give the fans some kind of something to do with it, but I just think that’s way too much,’ said Billups, the latest player to be critical of Iverson and McGrady being in position to start. ‘I would rather it be something like the players vote (for the starters). Everybody knows who should be there or who is playing good enough as far as your peers go. The fans probably should affect something. But I think that’s a bit too much.”’