Bismack Biyombo Says He Would Give the Raptors a ‘Hometown Discount’

by May 31, 2016

Raptors backup center Bismack Biyombo unexpectedly turned into something of a postseason hero, and now he may out of the team’s price range as a free agent.

The big fella, who could earn upwards of $17 million a season once the ballooning salary cap kicks in this summer, says he’d be willing to consider giving Toronto a “hometown discount”.

Biyombo, 23, thinks the Raptors have yet to reach their ceiling.

Per Sportsnet:

Biyombo was asked if he expects to be playing in a Raptor uniform next year. “Honestly, I do,” he said, adding that, “We still have some unfinished business. It was so much fun to see the team go from last year to this year making the Eastern Conference finals. Be it would be fun to go even further next season.”


Ok, fair enough. Biyombo thoroughly enjoyed the Raps’ playoff run along with the rest of us, but money is the biggest issue here, and he addressed that, too. When asked if he would take a hometown discount, he didn’t hesitate with his answer: […] “Yeah. Things can always be worked out,” Biyombo said Monday, “I’ve said that to my people, I’ve said that to Masai (Ujiri). When the right time comes I’d be open to figuring something out. At the end of the day it’s for fun, not money. It’s not always about money. Money is great, but at the same time I ask ‘how much fun am I going to have? The city is great, the team is great, and we’re winning.”


In the ten games following Jonas Valanciunas’ injury in the second round of the playoffs, Biyombo averaged 8.2 points on 60% shooting, 11 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks in 33 minutes per game.

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