Blake Griffin Blames Himself for Clippers’ Loss to Dallas Mavericks

by February 14, 2012

Blake Griffin shot an unsightly 2 of 9 from the free throw line last night, and following his team’s close loss to the defending champs, Griffin pointed the blame his way. From the Dallas Morning News: “No one seemed more disappointed than Blake Griffin following the Los Angeles Clippers’ 96-92 loss to the Mavericks Monday night. One of the NBA’s brightest young stars committed a turnover and missed five of seven free throws in the final four minutes at American Airlines Center. ‘It’s on me,’ Griffin said of the loss. ‘I missed shots. I missed free throws. I missed an easy layup. I missed a dunk. Turnovers.’ It was obvious that he was beating himself up pretty badly, talking in a quiet tone that made him difficult to understand. Griffin genuinely looked like a player who had let his teammates down.”