Blake Griffin Laughs at Daryl Morey’s Suggestion of Eliminating NBA Awards

by July 31, 2017
blake griffin daryl morey nba awards

Daryl Morey doesn’t care much for the NBA’s awards system, and the Rockets GM recently brought up the possibility of scrapping the awards altogether.

Morey, who has criticized the NBA’s awards process before, bemoaned the lack of “set criteria” and structure. From SI‘s The Crossover:

“I don’t know if this is a good process. The ones that are decided by players or executives or media, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.


“I honestly don’t think there’s a good process. You could argue for eliminating the awards altogether.


“I don’t really see a good way to do it that doesn’t have major issues. I like clean answers. If there’s not going to be a set criteria and there’s going to be issues with how it’s structured, for me it might be better to not have it.”

Blake Griffin caught wind of Morey’s comments, and responded with a hilariously sarcastic tweet.

honestly, we should do away with championships too. seems dumb to me. participation trophies for everybody. don’t @ me

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