Blake Griffin Says New Flop Rules are a Cash Grab from the NBA

Blake Griffin, despite his reputation as a flopper, isn’t necessarily opposed to punishing guys for the act. Griffin is just not thrilled with the prospect of giving away money to the NBA for being accused of flopping. Per the OC Register and Yahoo! Sports: “Griffin, though, wasn’t confident that the rule would decrease flopping. ‘It’s a good way for the NBA to get more money,’ he said. […] Griffin’s reputation as a flopper once caused Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins to describe him as ‘an actor.’ ‘I guess it’s good in a sense that it stops any of it from happening,’ Griffin said. ‘But now you’re telling me if it’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals and a guy has a chance to make a play he’s going to be like, ‘Well, do I want this $10,000 or do I want a championship?'”