Blake Griffin Will Never Enter Another Slam Dunk Contest

LA Clippers star Blake Griffin hasn’t taken part in any All-Star events aside from the big game on Sunday for three years, and he plans to keep it that way. (The Slam Dunk Contest is out of the question, and besides, BG does enough spectacular in-game dunking.) Per ESPN:

“I wouldn’t say it was a mistake [in 2011] because it was a great experience, but it’s something I would never do again,” said Griffin, who won the dunk contest that year.

“For me, All-Star Weekend is about getting a chance to rest as much as anything. With the All-Star Game alone you still have obligations almost all day Friday and you have some kind of an event Friday night and Saturday’s practice and appearances. Saturday night for me now has become the time where I hang out with my family and hang out with my friends and take it easy.”