Blake Griffin’s Clippers ‘Not Just Worried About the Lakers’

by September 17, 2012

Blake Griffin concedes that the Los Angeles Lakers look incredible on paper, and should be a very good team next season. But Griffin isn’t ready to hand them the Western Conference, let alone the NBA title. From the Oklahoman: “After one year as perhaps the main basketball attraction in Los Angeles, Blake Griffin and the Clippers figure to again be forced to play in the shadows of the Lakers now that Dwight Howard has teamed up with Kobe Bryant. But Griffin says not so fast. ‘On paper it looks great,โ€ Griffin said. ‘People said the same thing when we got C.P., Chris Paul. But they still got to go out there and play.’ Griffin said the Lakers’ additions of Howard and Nash make them just one of many talented teams, not necessarily the favorite to win it all this season. ‘I think there’s a lot of tough teams in the Western Conference. There’s one right here (in Oklahoma City) that the Lakers have to get over,’ Griffin said. ‘The Spurs have been a good team for the past 500 years. And I think we’re preparing for that. So that’s kind of what you expect people to do. You expect them to hand out the trophy in the middle of the summer. So we’re not worried about that. We’re not worried about just the Lakers.’ […] ‘There’s a lot of great teams and a lot of good talent as well,’ Griffin said. ‘It’s funny because the Heat have managed to somehow fly under the radar this summer and they added Ray Allen. So we can’t forget about all these other teams. We can’t worry about just the Lakers.'”