Ray Allen: ‘The League is a Lot Softer’

by April 21, 2010

He’s right, of course, but I’m sure he’d have a different opinion on the suspension had it been one of the Heat players who popped a Celtic with an elbow: “The league is a lot softer,’ Allen said less than 72 hours after teammate Kevin Garnett elbowed Miami’s Quentin Richardson in the final moments of Game 1. Garnett was suspended one game for his actions in Boston’s victory. ‘The slightest little touch and you’re at the foul line,’ Allen said of today’s game. “It’s like you have to be tricky.’ Allen then gave a perfect example of how the NBA has changed over the course of his career. ‘Reggie [Miller] would grab my hands and throw them one way while going the other way,’ he said, adding that he was expected by referees and coaches to defend such a move.”