Bobcats Cleanup Crew to Blame for Vince Carter’s Injury?

by November 08, 2010

Stan Van Gundy certainly seems to think so, as his forward went down on Saturday night after slipping on a wet spot. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “What a wacky, unpredictable night at Time Warner Cable Arena. Before we get to Quentin Richardson’s unlikely late-game heroics and Rashard Lewis’ discovery of his 3-point shot in Lost and Found, let’s start with Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, who was ranting and ripping the guys who push the mops around the court. He walked onto the floor late in the fourth period, yelling toward the Bobcats’ bench. Van Gundy received a technical foul, a dicey decision considering the Magic led by only four points after D.J. Augustin hit the free throw Charlotte was awarded. Van Gundy said Vince Carter injured himself after slipping on a wet spot. Carter hobbled off after falling with one minute and 45 seconds left and did not return. He said he has a sore hip and knee. ‘We got a guy hurt simply because they wouldn’t dry a damn wet spot,’ said Van Gundy, who added that a Bobcat player slipped in the spot earlier. ‘When a player goes down they’re supposed to do it. They didn’t care. That’s ridiculous. I’m just ticked off.'”