Bobcats Hoping Tyrus Thomas Can Get His Mind Right

Like every other year, it’s the same question with Tyrus this season: can he be mature enough to keep his head in the game? The Bobcats certainly hope so. From the Observer:  “Teammates never have a worry concerning Charlotte Bobcat Tyrus Thomas’ body. His head? That’s another thing entirely. ‘I think he’s still a little immature,’ small forward Gerald Wallace said. ‘But at the same time, when he focuses on playing the game the right way, and not worrying about the referees or worrying about getting fouled or getting hit, he’s amazing.’ Added shooting guard Stephen Jackson, ‘All he has to do is keep his mind in the game, and you’ll see a lot of good this season.’ There’s a reason Bobcats coach Larry Brown frequently calls Thomas this team’s Rasheed Wallace. Like now-retired Wallace, Thomas is a superbly talented big man. Also like Wallace, he can be cranky, moody and disruptive. But there’s been none of that so far this preseason. Thomas was probably this team’s best player in training camp, topping off a great week at UNC-Wilmington with 14 points and three blocked shots in Sunday’s intra-squad scrimmage. As the Bobcats enter the exhibition phase of the preseason – they play the Cavaliers in Cleveland Tuesday night – the question hovers: Is Thomas ready to grow up and calm down? He offers an emphatic yes, crediting his turnaround to the trust established with Brown.”