Boozer: ‘D-Rose Will Be the Best PG in the League’

by October 28, 2010

Carlos expects big things from his new teammate (who has his own lofty expectations). From “By the end of this season, DRose,’ Boozer declared, ‘is going to be the best point guard in the league.’ Now, we know players tend to gush about their new teammates, whether serious or not, but this is a player who just finished a long run with the point guard generally regarded as the best in the league now, the Jazz’ Deron Williams. ‘No, Deron is really good,’ Boozer was saying, ‘but DRose … I didn’t know how good he was,’ Boozer marveled. ‘I’d seen him like everyone, but when I came here you hear he couldn’t shoot. He can shoot. And how fast this guy is. You see the speed and think back to (Allen) Iverson. I don’t think there’s anyone faster, and then there’s the explosion. There’s no one like that (for point guards). And then you see how hard he works and how serious he is. And now he’s got more guys to work with, to pass to.'”