Boris Diaw to Play Point Guard and Center for the Bobcats

by December 19, 2011

Head coach Paul Silas intends to use Boris Diaw as some kind of point guard/center hybrid in Charlotte this season. What could possibly go wrong?! From the Observer: “A basketball oxymoron, right? How can a center be a point guard or how could a point guard play center? Imagine an NFL team featuring a player who is half-quarterback/half-nose guard. And yet ‘point-center’ is the role Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas envisions for Boris Diaw this season. That’s partially about circumstance (by default Diaw is their best option at center right now) and partially about skill set (Diaw is by far this team’s most creative passer). So for the Bobcats to have any success, Diaw must excel at many things at once. ‘He can get a rebound, take it off the dribble, everyone else is zooming (down-court) and he can either make the pass or take it in and make the layup, himself,’ Silas described. ‘There are so many things we can do if he only buys in. And he will.'”