Boston Celtics Squabbling, Winning

by May 18, 2010

The Celtics aren’t just going to get in their opponents’ faces during games; they’ll do it to one another, too. Reports the Boston Globe: “The players shall remain nameless. Two Celtics  were staring holes through each other during Boston’s Game 1 Eastern Conference finals win over the Magic. They were arguing over a defensive rotation, and neither could let it go. ‘We had to call a timeout because they couldn’t move past it,’ Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. ‘Three plays later and you could see them still staring at each other. That’s what you can’t have. It’s all right to get angry and it’s all right to disagree, but then you’ve got to move forward.’ The Celtics aren’t the type of team to hug. Their high intensity level, the stakes of a championship run, and the slim margin for error make internal clashes inevitable. It’s also the product of having many strong personalities — established stars and rising stars, starters and sixth men. It’s a part of the Celtics’ DNA, and it’s something they’ve worked through this season, finding a way to manage whatever problems arise and remain a cohesive unit. ‘Teams are just like your immediate family,’’ Rivers said. “You have squabbles and for the most part I try to let them say everything they need to say so I know which side to take. Then I try to get in the middle. I encourage conversation. Even if it’s heated because I think at the end of the day, it’s what you truly feel. Then you can move forward.'”