Brandon Jennings Calls D’angelo Russell a ‘Snitch’

by October 31, 2016

During a Twitter Q&A with fans Sunday, Brandon Jennings dredged up the D’Angelo Russell-Nick Young fiasco from last season, calling the former a “snitch”.

Jennings, who has since deleted the tweet, says he admires the young point guard’s game: “Dude is a Great Hooper, but I don’t respect a snitch.”

Russell and Jennings will meet on the court Dec. 11 in Los Angeles.

Per the NY Post:

The Knicks guard said he doesn’t respect D’Angelo Russell after the Lakers’ young, skilled point guard last year recorded teammate Nick Young confessing he had cheated on his fiancee in a video that later showed up online.


Russell, 20, was largely ostracized from the Los Angeles locker room last season after the leak of the video, in which a camera-ignorant Young admits he cheated on then-fiancee Iggy Azalea. Azalea and Young later broke up.


Russell offered a heart-wrenching apology last season. The second-year player got off to a hot start this season, looking to put his drama-filled debut year in the past, which might be more difficult than it would seem.

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