Brandon Jennings: ‘I’m Not the Go-to Guy’

by February 28, 2011

Jennings is less than pleased with his role in Scott Skiles’ offense this season. Brew Hoop reports: “Brandon Jennings, after struggling and then not playing at all in the fourth quarter in the home loss to Chicago [Saturday night]: ‘It ain’t like last year. I’m not the go-to guy as I was last year. So I’ve just got to roll with the punches and when I get the ball, I guess I’ve got to do something with it. Because I know I probably won’t get it back … Just in general, last year, I was more the go-to guy. Things were running kind of through me … So this year I just kind of have to wait. And if it comes back to me it comes back to me. If not, then, hey, it is what it is.’ Since the offense apparently isn’t going through him anymore, I asked Jennings who the offense is going through now: ‘Obviously it’s not me, so I don’t know. So I just wait for it. And see what happens.'”