Brandon Jennings Says Pistons’ 4th Straight Loss an ‘Emergency’

by January 06, 2014

Following a 112-84 beatdown at the hands of the visiting Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday, a seething and dejected Brandon Jennings said things have reached “emergency” status for the sputtering Detroit Pistons. Per the Detroit News:

Beyond frustrated was Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks, who didn’t address the media until nearly a half-hour after the game’s end, as he probed his team in the locker room to get a feel for their input on yet another puzzling loss.

“I wasn’t talking about what happened,” Cheeks said. “I just wanted some insight for myself because I didn’t have it. This time. Normally I do but I didn’t.”

The Pistons scored just 11 in the third, missing 16 of their 21 shots while getting doubled up on the boards (18-9). It contributed to their 41 percent shooting, showing no signs of a team that just had five off days.

“It’s most definitely an emergency,” Jennings said. “Because right now it’s really slipping away from us. And if we don’t become a better second-half team then we’re gonna lose a lot of games.”