Brandon Jennings’ Summer Internship

by August 04, 2011

Brandon Jennings is spending the summer tearing up streetball games, and interning at the offices of his endorser, Under Armour. From Yahoo! Sports: “He has use of the CEO’s tricked-out Jeep, an expense-paid condo and a glass-enclosed office overlooking the city’s inner harbor – complete with a name plate that announces his official position: ‘Curator of Cool.’ Interns aren’t supposed to get these kind of perks, but then most interns aren’t Brandon Jennings(notes), Milwaukee Bucks guard and endorser for Under Armour. Not only is he using the NBA lockout to work out at the athletic apparel company’s headquarters this summer, he’s also working in Under Armour’s footwear department. ‘Right now we’re in lockout, so in Milwaukee we can’t use any of the facilities or talk to any of the NBA coaches,’ Jennings said. ‘I felt like this is just a great opportunity and place for me where I can just focus and get better.'”