Brandon Knight Shrugs off DeAndre Jordan’s Devastating Dunk

by March 12, 2013

While the rest of the world gleefully watched and re-watched the monster dunk that literally flattened him on Sunday night, Brandon Knight has a refreshingly good attitude about the whole thing. He acknowledged that DeAndre Jordan memorably threw it down on him, but that it’s not the end of the world. Per the Detroit News: “‘When I step on the court, I don’t take people dunking six, seven or eight times and not attempting to stop it. It’s personal to me,’ said Knight with crutches under his arms after sustaining a ‘severe’ ankle injury in the first quarter of Monday’s 103-90 loss to the Utah Jazz. ‘Where I’m from and where I grew up, you just don’t let that happen.’ He wasn’t dejected or upset about the turn of events; Knight was merely thankful his left ankle wasn’t broken and genuinely laughed about the situation. ‘For me, you’re gonna get dunked on,’ Knight said. ‘It won’t be the last time. I’ve dunked on people, this season actually. It’ll happen plenty more times. It’s the Clippers and that’s what they’re known for.’ […] ‘Just the culture of today,’ Knight said. ‘People take stuff and make it a much bigger deal. I can laugh at it, it’s funny to me. (Jordan) is very athletic. I’d jump again, that’s just the guy I am. It’s unfortunate I’m not 6-11 to be able to stop it. It was a good play, a great play. I’d jump again. With my stature it didn’t turn out with a block … I mean, it’s gonna happen. Instead of me being mad about it, it was a good play,’ Knight said. ‘You laugh when you see other people get caught. The type of guy I am, it’s not gonna break my confidence. I’ve worked too hard to have my confidence broken over one play.'”