Brandon Roy Apologizes for ‘Inappropriate’ Comments

by December 16, 2010

Roy‘s frustration bubbled over on Monday night following a loss. He stood up and apologized to the team for his words. The Oregonian reports: “Brandon Roy on Wednesday concluded the Trail Blazers’ shootaround by standing in front of the team and apologizing for making what he called ‘inappropriate’ comments after Monday night’s loss in Memphis. ‘I just told them some things that I said were inappropriate, and I have to be smarter about that,’ Roy said. ‘We are all frustrated. But the biggest key, and the biggest message was we have to stick together with this.’ In Memphis, after he went 3-for-16 from the field and scored seven points, Roy said he was frustrated with the team’s offensive game plan, and questioned whether the team’s personnel fit his style. Roy met first with coach Nate McMillan at the team hotel on Wednesday morning to talk about the team’s offense. During their meeting, Roy told the coach he wanted to address the team following the morning shootaround. ‘I felt it needed to be addressed,’ Roy said. ‘So I apologized about the comments that were made. I told them I don’t want to be pointing fingers at anybody. This is a situation where I’m not playing the way I want to play, and we are all frustrated. Nobody wants to lose. But I was wrong for what I said, and I will definitely take full responsibility. It shouldn’t have been said.'”