Brandon Roy, Blazers Reach Agreement

by August 05, 2009

by Ryne Nelson

If you ever had any doubt. If you ever had any question about it. You’d be damn wrong.

Yahoo‘s Adrian Wojnarowski reports:

Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy has agreed to a five-year contract extension worth between $78 million and $82 million, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

The Blazers are planning a news conference with Roy on Thursday to announce the deal.

Brandon Roy. Max contract. Perfect franchise player. A shooting guard with every capability of leading the Blazers to the Finals. If he brings rings to the Rose Garden, you know what they’d say about him in the PDX…

Stop smiling so wide. It’s not really that far fetched to think about Brandon Roy being the best Trail Blazer to ever breathe. It’s possible — know it. Letting Brandon Roy even taste free agency is a sin. Of course, Portland is going to extend him. Only household names get the franchise label. Dwight, Bron, Dwyane, Chris, Deron, Carmelo, Brandon. Repeat that list aloud. Doesn’t it just feel right coming off on the tongue?

That’s the NBA. We’re in very good hands.