Breaking: NBA Players Reject Offer, to Disband Union

by November 14, 2011

No good news to report here, folks. The NBA Players Association has decided it will not accept the owners’ latest offer, instead deciding to disband the union and take this one to the courts. Here are some quotes from the presser that just went down, courtesy of PBT:

“We’ve arrived at the conclusion that the collective bargaining process has completely broken down, and as a result in the last hour we have served a notice of disclaimer on (David) Stern and the NBA,” union director Billy Hunter said after the meeting. “We plan to disseminate that to all 30 teams…

“The players are not ready to accept the ultimatum, they thought it was completely unfair on the part of the NBA ownership and management….

We have negotiated in good faith for two years, but the players have felt they have given enough.”

“This is where it stops for us as a union,” said Derek Fisher, union president.