Breaking News From the ABA…

by Lang Whitaker

At some point a few years ago, during an interminable story meeting, someone went on the website of the ABA, the basketball minor League. On their site they have a section for press releases, which is updated numerous times daily with all kinds of peculiar information. I have no idea who writes all these press releases, but we’d waste a lot of time just reading the press releases aloud and then discussing them for thirty minutes.

Honestly, the ABA is a very confusing league. There are dozens of teams, upwards of 50, with constantly changing schedules and rosters and nicknames. And yet the league soldiers on. Which is why we started that little section in the magazine called “Breaking News From The ABA,” where we run, verbatim, our favorite ABA press releases of the last few weeks. I put those together at the last minute, as the issue is going to press, and we never have room to run more than one or two per issue.

So from here on out we’ll use SLAMonline for a weekly bonus Breaking News From the ABA update. Any typos or nonsensical information is theirs, not ours…

• First things first…since Alex Wolff wrote a column on about the ABA selecting John Salley as their new commissioner, there’s been nothing about Salley on the ABA website, at least that I could find. He’s not even listed in the front office section of their site. For a league that posts about 200 press releases every day, sure seems odd.

• My favorite team web site this week? Turn your volume up and click here.

On to the press releases…

The following is a response from Alex Yam, Sports Advisor, Sports Management WorldWide to the Question/Answer about Dayshawn Wright. Verbatim.

“I read the press release on Our Sports Central this morning and wanted to contact you and clear some things up. First of all, The CBA is a better opportunity for Dayshawn in his hopes of becoming an NBA player. Second, although I was made aware of the ABA contract Dayshawn signed with Buffalo, without his mother’s consent, I did not approve the contract, since he signed it before I agreed to work with him. Thank you for your time and I wanted to clear this up. Thanks again. Coach Daleo and the owners of the Minot Skyrockets, are extremely excited to have Dayshawn be part of their franchise.”

Answer. Alex. Thank you for your response. Dayshawn is a good player and I am sure that the Skyrockets are excited to have him. That being said, when a real agent approaches Dayshawn with real representation, it will not be difficult for him to tear up your contract and sign with another agent, will it? After all, what are contracts? Right?

From Joe Newman, ABA CEO: The following is an email that was forwarded to me by from an overseas coach relating to Alex Yam and Dayshawn Wright.

“Alex Yam is a doofus. He told me Dayshawn Wright was set to sign with us and would call us back. He didn’t. I called him back. He said it all sounded okay. Then, an hour later, he called back and said he could not sign. So, he said he’d check with some other players and get back to me. Never heard from him again. The guy sounds like a fresh out of law school kid who has no idea what he is doing…he must be a Syracuse grad or booster because most of his clients are Syracuse kids and I don’t know how he can get them.”

Coach. At least he didn’t call collect and have you send him plane tickets for Dayshawn and himself. Consider yourself lucky. Good luck to you.

Toledo, OH — The Toledo Ice today announced that there will be a press conference to introduce the team’s new coach and general manager, Dennis Hopson. The Toledo legend will be answering media questions regarding the new coaching staff of the Ice as well as the upcoming Toledo Tryout Camp scheduled for October 28-31 – plus the 2006-2007 ABA Season Schedule.

The saying goes, “You can never go home…” For Coach Hopson, that saying isn’t even close to factual.

Cleveland, MS — The Mississippi Miracles today announced that the team the Days Inn located at 900 South Davis Avenue in Cleveland, Mississippi will be The Official Motel of the Mississippi Miracles – and that some of the Miracles games will be played this season in Cleveland thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce, top business leaders and leaders at Delta State University.

The Days Inn also owns a bus company and will be providing buses for the teams out of town games as part of the package.

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Joe Newman, ABA CEO, has been invited to participate in a special Customer Appreciation Night panel discussion on the True Millionaire series at 8:30 pm, Tuesday, October 24th.

According to Harrison Klein, the Founder of the True Millionaire Stories program, “The series has really taken off beautifully. Having extraordinary people like Harv Eker, Les Brown, Joe Newman and other superstars on the TMS panel has created quite a stir…”

Dallas, TX — The Texas Tycoons today announced that the organization will resume play in the ABA this season. The team also revealed plans to play in Dallas instead of Fort Worth. The Tycoons reached the second round of the ABA playoffs in its first season and were undefeated in 2005 prior to suspending play last season.

In addition, the team has revealed strategic media alliances with XM Satellite Radio as well as Dallas Community Television (Southbound TV) to further expose the Tycoons’ various sports and entertainment endeavors on and off the court.

“Our plans have always been from day one to expose as many people as possible to Tycoon mania. We believe these and other key media alliances will ignite a desire to become part of our movement. The Tycoons are back and we are here to stay,” added team owner Charles Key.

Richmond, VA — Ann Iverson, owner of the Richmond Ballerz, recently spent a very busy weekend in Richmond celebrating her birthday and making media appearances. Ms. Iverson conducted a series of radio and television interviews and appeared at the Ultimate Fighting Championship at the Richmond Coliseum. She also had a huge birthday part at downtown Richmond’s Club Manhattans.

When asked why she decided to start an ABA team, she said, “If I can do it for Allen, I can do it for other young men who want to become great basketball players.”

Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers is Ann Iverson’s son.