Breaking News From the ABA…

by Lang Whitaker

Continuing our quixotic quest to figure out all things ABA…

• It’s now been about six weeks since Alex Wolff wrote about John Salley taking over the ABA and kicking out all the dead weight, but still no mention on the official website of the ABA. Shouldn’t this be big news?

In fact, there’s been no mention of this anywhere until this week in the L.A. Times, when J.A. Adande caught up with Salley and wrote a column about how John Salley is going to get the league going the right way.

When/If Salley does get things working, we’ll have a lot less to write about. In the meantime, let’s catch up on the latest breaking news from the ABA.

As always, any typos or nonsensical information is theirs, not ours…read closely…

Buffalo, NY — With the start of the Buffalo Silverback’s season just around the corner, one would think that the most exciting thing to happen would be the home opener. Well, the Silverbacks are keeping the fans at the edge of their seats with yet another acquisition. Herb Baker, Eze Samuel and Marlin Johnson will bring brute strength and dominating intimidation to the already powerful team.

A product of Baylor University, standing at 6-8, comes Herb Baker, who is able to beat opponents with his muscle and poise in addition to leaping buildings in a single bound … Baker joins the Silverbacks after playing last season in Syria averaging 17 ppg and 11 rpg.

Little name, big results! Eze Samuel is 6-10, 240 lbs and a center from Nigeria and is a serious inside threat. Samuel played his college ball for the Western Illinois Leathernecks where is proficiency in the key was intimidating and will continue to work for the Silverbacks. Samuel practically comes with a money back guarantee on being a big contributor to the success of the team this year.

Marlin Johnson, a 6-4, 215 lb qualified guard, is a competitor who truly has a “team first” mentality on the hardwood. Johnson is as Buffalo as chicken wings. Chippewa and Cheektowaga. With a Buffalo style work ethic, Johnson does whatever it takes to win. His blue collar style of hustle is infectious and it influences everyone on and off the court. Johnson spent his college years at Monroe Community College and was named All-American in the 95-96 season. Johnson takes the heart of the game and lives it.

Irvine, CA — Today it was announced that the Orange County Gladiators basketball team that will begin play in November 2007 have established a group site at MySpace for all of their fans to congregate and discuss the team.

The team will be announcing a number of significant events and MySpace gives the Gladiators an additional forum to keep the fans informed with an ability to discuss the happenings of the team amongst themselves.

Orlando, FL– Orlando Oranges co-owner Jimmy Lyons has teamed up with Major League Baseball’s 20 year veteran and star shortstop of the Cincinnati Reds Barry Larkin to host all of the team’s home games at Larkin’s Champion Sportcomplex Facility in Orlando.

The facility has four basketball courts, an indoor baseball training gym as well as an indoor soccer gym. Lyons, a former Martial Arts National Champion, and future Hall of Famer Larkin are looking forward to bringing great ABA basketball and entertainment to the area.

Lyons also announced that the team is looking for interns to work in marketing, public relations, community relations, game day operations.

Indianapolis, IN — The American Basketball Association announced that the Orlando team set to begin play this week has changed its name to the Orlando Aces and has a new ownership group led by team Head Coach Todd Triplett.

According to Joe Newman, ABA CEO, “There was confusion with the Syracuse Orange Men, so it was easy enough to change the name. And Todd has put together a group to assume the ownership also. He is quite a guy and have quite a team.”

Pine Bluff, AR — The Arkansas RiverCatz will look to move to 2-0 on the early season Friday night as they get set to host the Mississippi Miracles in a 7:05 pm tip-off at the Pine Bluff Convention Center. For the contest, the RiverCatz are offering free admission to all Pine Bluff High School students with a current I.D. card.

“We are very grateful to the city of Pine Bluff and all of their great people by the way they have opened their arms up to us,” said RiverCatz GM Keith Wilkerson. “Free admission to Pine Bluff High School students is just a small token of gratitude we would like to extend. People like Pine Bluff head basketball coach Ron Moragne have been great to our team so far.”