Brett Brown Not Playing Jahlil Okafor in Garbage Time ‘Out of Respect’

Sixers head coach Brett Brown won’t play Jahlil Okafor—not even in garbage time.

After the Sixers’ 101-81 blowout win against the Blazers on Wednesday, Brown said he didn’t put Okafor in the game “out of respect to him.”

From the Inquirer‘s Sarah Todd:

Was there any thought of putting in Okafor [during garbage time] to get some minutes?


Brown: “No. I don’t think it’s fair. I think that you get into a playing rhythm, a playing routine, and that’s fair.


“To just hoist somebody a little tiny window of minutes isn’t something that interests me.


“And I say that out of respect to him. I don’t think that puts him in a position that I want to put him in.”

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