Brett Brown Thinks Markelle Fultz’s Shoulder Injury Is Affecting His Shot

by October 10, 2017
markelle fultz shot

Sixers coach Brett Brown is concerned that a shoulder injury could be contributing to Markelle Fultz‘s pre-season shooting struggles.

Shooting just 29.2 percent in two games, Fultz has experimented with new shooting mechanics while rehabbing his shoulder.

Fultz has mostly downplayed the injury, but Brown isn’t buying it. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“I think his shoulder is affecting him more than he lets on,” coach Brett Brown said. “You can tell with his free throw, you know, trying to get that ball up. Its follow from his body.


“But he’s been working on just trying to get that thing rehabilitated.”


There were a few times that Brown thought Fultz looked good on his jump shots. But he acknowledged that you can tell the pain is bothering him by his free throws and his lack of three-point shooting.


“Maybe it’s a sign that it’s hurting a little bit more than he lets on,” Brown said.

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