Brooklyn Nets Not Bothered By LeBron James Dismissing Them

by April 10, 2014

After the Brooklyn Nets completed a four-game season sweep of the defending champion Miami Heat Tuesday night, LeBron James pooh-poohed the suggestion that BK represents a serious challenge to Miami come Playoff time. The Nets say it’s fine for James to feel the way he does. Per Newsday:

“That doesn’t bother me,” Deron Williams said after the Nets’ 115-11 loss to the Magic Wednesday night. “We are not concerned with what he’s doing or thinking or laughing about. We are worried about us. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Kevin Garnett also didn’t seem too bothered by James.

“You have to understand, they probably get asked that about the Pacers, they probably get asked that about the Bulls,” Garnett said. “It’s something he probably gets tired of. Who knows what LeBron gets asked every night? He probably gets asked some of the most ridiculous questions and I don’t take that personally because when you are on top, everybody is gunning for you.”

“You know what? Everybody is looking to beat the Heat. Regular season is regular season and playoffs is a whole ‘nother story. So the fact that he’s fatigued about the questions and the nonsense — not you guys — but the nonsense some people ask . . . Some of the stuff that you guys ask can be kind of overwhelming. So I get it. A very emotional game, some of the questions were what they were and he answered then the way he felt. So that’s what it is.”