Brooklyn Nets Reportedly Want to Trade for Kevin Garnett

by June 26, 2013

According to the NY Daily News, Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King has been in touch with the Boston Celtics about the possibility of acquiring Kevin Garnett. With Doc Rivers stunningly leaving them for the LA Clippers, it appears the Celtics aren’t ready to make any moves at the moment: “Garnett, 37, has a no-trade clause in his contract, which he vowed not to waive last season. But circumstances changed dramatically in Boston following a first-round playoff loss to the Knicks, with GM Danny Ainge committing to rebuilding and Doc Rivers bolting to the Clippers. A proposed deal that would’ve sent Garnett to the Clippers with Rivers was blocked by the NBA because it’s illegal to package a coach with players. Rivers’ new contract includes a stipulation that the Clippers and Celtics can’t swap players until the end of the 2013-14 season. So Garnett and his two-year, $24.4 million contract are seemingly on the market. His teammate, Paul Pierce, is probably also on Brooklyn’s radar after being a target for consecutive trade deadlines. As much as the Nets would love Garnett, it’s an unlikely pairing given the obstacles. Not only is it still unclear whether he’d agree to join the Nets — which is what King was hoping to figure out by reaching out to a third party — there’s also a very high hurdle of negotiating an inter-division trade. But it’s no surprise King inquired about Garnett, a 15-time All-Star and former MVP. The Nets not only desire a reliable starting power forward, they could use a vocal and respected leader. Garnett fits the mold.”