Bruce Bowen Says Zaza Pachulia Intentionally Tried To Injure Kawhi Leonard

Retired Spurs forward Bruce Bowen wants to make it clear that he has no sympathy for Zaza Pachulia.

Known as a “dirty” player in his day, Bowen weighed in on the play where Kawhi Leonard landed on Pachulia’s foot and twisted his ankle. (Kawhi was forced to leave Game 1 and remains questionable for Game 2.)

Via Bleacher Report:

“That play? I’ve watched it and, yeah, I thought he took an extra step.


“Plenty of time to stop where he did, but he continued moving in that direction of Kawhi.


“That seems like it’s intentional and it’s definitely dangerous.”

The irony of Bowen’s comments, of course, is that Bowen was once synonymous with stepping under shooters.

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