Bulls Playoff Tickets Drop In Price For Fourth Straight Season

by April 16, 2014

In a year that saw their franchise player fall to yet another season-ending knee injury, the Chicago Bulls have impressed the entire League with their gritty style of play, earning their spot in this year’s postseason. Joakim Noah, their fearless and often outspoken center, has become a leader on a team that was quick to be ruled out of contention when Derrick Rose went down with a torn meniscus in late November. Chicago fans understand just how hard their team fights night in and night out and while the absence of Derrick Rose has caused variability on the secondary market, prices for Chicago Bulls playoff tickets at the United Center have remained fairly consistent since 2011.

As the nation gasped when Rose hobbled off the court against the Portland Trail Blazers on November 22, the Chicago Bulls quickly shut out all of the controversy and negativity. In doing so, they have managed to go 42-29 without Rose and have earned at least the fourth seed in the East. While this year may not feature Rose and his signature quickness, Bulls playoff tickets in the first round have an average price of $214.47, before knowing who will be the first team on the Bulls playoff schedule. That price is also the lowest playoff average in Chicago for the past four seasons.

Chicago Bulls playoff ticket prices in the previous three years have been slightly higher, with the health of Derrick Rose playing a pivotal role in the fluctuation of price. Last year, Rose did not play a single game, making average Bulls playoff tickets for the 2013 Playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets just $214.73.


A somewhat healthy Derrick Rose in the 2011-12 season saw the Chicago Bulls go 50-16 as they matched up against the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Average Chicago Bulls playoff tickets for the first round of the 2012 postseason went for $233.10. But the series and season would be marred for the Bulls when Rose suffered a torn ACL in the final minutes of Game 1, and the Bulls would drop the series 4-2 against the 76ers.

Rose was named MVP of the 2010-11 season and also attracted the highest average ticket prices at home with average first-round Chicago Bulls playoff tickets priced at $264.33. The Bulls would match up against the Indiana Pacers in the first round, beating them in just five games. Chicago would ultimately lose to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals, winning just one game against Miami’s Big Three.

Though Rose has been the face of the franchise for several years, the Chicago Bulls have a strong supporting cast of players that play rough and bring plenty of attitude to the court. Playoff ticket prices have dropped in recent years, but with the likes of Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and young sharpshooter Jimmy Butler, the Bulls display the necessary skills and mentality needed to seriously compete for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Even without Rose, there’s a healthy amount of optimism surround both the team and the demand for playoff tickets this offseason.

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