Bulls VP John Paxson Says Derrick Rose Was Unfairly Criticized

by May 28, 2013

According to John Paxson, the Chicago Bulls VP of basketball operations, Derrick Rose will be back stronger than ever next season. Paxson also claims that the young superstar faced an unfair and brutal amount of criticism from fans and media for siitting out the year due to a knee injury. Per the Chicago Tribune (via WSCR-AM 670): “‘It’s the way of the world now, the social media, everything that goes on,’ Paxson said. ‘Everybody wants to point a finger and blame and accuse and that kind of stuff. And the reality is, Derrick and us, we were all on the same page from the beginning. If he was ready to play mentally and physically, he was going to play. It didn’t happen this year.’ Paxson said Rose will continue his rehab work during the offseason and will be an even better player when he returns as a result. ‘There’s no question in my mind that the time he spent on his body this past year was the best thing he’s ever done because I think he’s learned that, to compete in an NBA season and absorb the physical contact that he does, what he’s done during this rehab has benefitted him greatly. I think it’s going to make him better and stronger. We’re fortunate that we’ve got a kid who is still young and is dedicated to the job and wants to continue being a great player. I think he’s going to come back bigger, stronger, better than ever.’ […] Paxson likened Rose’s conditioning work to what Michael Jordan did under the direction of trainer Tim Grover. ‘I saw Michael pay attention to his body,’ said Paxson, a key component on the Bulls’ first three-peat teams. ‘He had kind of like this little breakfast club for a number of years that he’d get up and lift with and that type of thing. You look at (Rose) now, he’s stronger, he’s thicker … when he shoots the basketball pregame, he’s shooting it so much easier than he ever has and I think it’s because of the strength he’s gained over the last year.'”