Bulls vs Celtics: One Bloody, Gutsy Affair

This series is not for the faint of heart: “From Ben Gordon’s strained hamstring to Kirk Hinrich’s cut forehead and Brad Miller’s lacerated mouth, the blood-pressure-challenging 53 minutes at the TD Banknorth Garden on Tuesday turned out to be the anatomy of heartbreak for the Bulls in a 106-104 overtime loss to the defending-champion Boston Celtics. The game made the Bulls-Celtics series the first in NBA playoff history to have three overtime games…’We got a lot of guys getting head shots this series,’ Brad Miller said. ‘There was blood on the floor. I don’t know if they even cleaned it up. One tooth went into my lip. You have to ask them how many stitches they put in. Everybody has had to shake off these high hits. That’s a good shot to take to the head. I didn’t see it, but I felt it. Still no excuse.'”