Bynum: Celtics Didn’t Want It More

by June 07, 2010

Kevin Ding transcribed Andrew Bynum’s postgame comments: “Q: Did the Celtics want it more tonight? Bynum: Of course they didn’t want it more. We just played stupid. We were up 90 to 87 and came down and had four turnovers. Q: Did you and Pau Gasol get enough touches down low late in the quarters? Bynum: Obviously we can get more touches, but that’s still not going to help us beat this team because you can’t beat them one on one. What you have to do is move the ball and move ourselves. We have to create more movement and more motion to create confusion and that’s what we did during Game 1.  They were sitting down there looking at each other, but today we were the ones looking around each other. Q: Why didn’t you guys have the same ball movement? Bynum: I don’t know. We fall into isolation sometimes. That’s what happened.