Byron Scott Sees Parallels Between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan on the Wizards

by November 07, 2014

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan will forever be linked, no matter how much each guy tries to push aside the comparisons.

Kobe wouldn’t take the media’s bait about the similarities between his current situation and Mike’s when he played for the Washington Wizards during his final two seasons in the NBA.

Byron Scott, though, was more willing to engage the topic.

(Kobe’s winless Lakers host Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets in Los Angeles this Sunday, and Bryant is now just 454 points away from overtaking MJ on the all-time scoring list.)

Per the LA Daily News:

The 36-year-old Bryant first laughed when asked if there were similarities. […] “No. Not really,” Bryant said. “Well maybe. I guess.”


“He wasn’t in Chicago, playing for the same organization for all those years. It’s a little different. I’m still younger than he was,” Bryant said. “I can see where you guys are thinking there’s similarities there. I also think it’s probably reachable content at this point. I get it. So, yeah, there’s similarities. Then there are differences. Just have at it.”


“There’s some parallel to it,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said. “Kobe didn’t retire or come back. But he’s coming off an injury and coming off of retirement. Michael played with the Wizards. That wasn’t the Chicago Bulls, a team he wasn’t used to playing with. Kobe’s still with the Lakers, but playing with a group of guys that aren’t like the group he’s been accustomed to playing with. There are some parallels.”