Byron Scott Staying Positive Wiith the Cavs

by July 14, 2010

Byron has little choice but to put on a brave face in light of The Decision: “Byron Scott took the job in Cleveland hoping for the opportunity to coach LeBron James. It didn’t work out, but unlike many in the city James left behind, Scott made it clear he’s not going to dwell on it. ‘I never got an opportunity to coach LeBron, so from an emotional standpoint I had no emotional ties to the whole situation,’ he said. ‘Obviously I wanted to be there so I could coach him, but when he made his decision my whole mindset, my gears start shifting to getting ready for Summer League, and then getting ready for our season.’ The Cavaliers are expected to play a faster brand of basketball under Scott than under former head coach Mike Brown, fired on May 25 after five seasons in the wake of Cleveland’s loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals. A change in tempo is only one way Scott wants to move the Cavaliers into the post-James era. ‘Coming in with fresh eyes, fresh ideas, fresh thoughts, a new system, and a new philosophy, I think all those things also will help the guys kind of move forward,’ he said. ‘When we get out there, you forget about all the stuff that happened July 8th or 7th or 9th or whatever day that was, and you move forward. I hope that a lot of guys are looking at this as an opportunity now to really show their skills.”‘