Call Me Now

by May 26, 2009

By Konate Primus

Ehhhem Ehhem! Whoa, sorry bout that I had some dust in my throat, haven’t touched this blog in forever. Last time I spoke to you beautiful people of SLAMnation I was a struggling College student now I’m a struggling college grad! A struggling college grad who can predict the future apparently! For starters I called the buzzer beater by Lebron in game 2 but honestly who didn’t know he would pull some epic crap like that. I wont lie and said I knew it was going to be a game winning 3 but I did say “1 sec left, Lebron is going to ruin this win, I can feel it” and sure enough he did. So my predictions aren’t 100 percent accurate but the general gist is correct.

Like when I said, “Building off of last year’s momentum, The Magic will pick up right where they the left off. A few off season trades and a year of gelling together is great for the organization and amazing for keeping hope alive in the fan’s hearts. Last season the Magic fell to mighty Motor City Pistons in the Second Round of the playoffs. This year they will one-up themselves and make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.” I said  that on October 16, 2008 in my Orlando Magic Season Preview! People laughed at me and said I’m crazy “the Magic aren’t better than Detroit”.

Orlando wasn’t better than Detroit three or four years ago, but 2009 is another story. Granted I said they would lose in the semis to the Celts but that was that general gist thing working against me again. I didn’t anticipate  The Cavs to manhandle the league this year the way the did. Originally I thought they would finished third  and The Celts 1st, leaving Dwight and company to defeat LBJ and the Bronettes in the second round and losing to a healthy Celts in the ECF’s but it didn’t work that way.

Now, at this point 2 things are probably going through your mind right now. 1. you are feeling like I Know what I’m talking about and saying “wow, He’s good” or 2. you are thinking of some mean, hateful sh!t to write in the comment section. Whatever your thoughts may be you cant take away that I am one of the few people who saw this happening 8 months ago, before anyone played a playoff game.

In closing I will leave you with this analyzed excerpt from my season preview post.

“Despite his height (and my complete lack of faith in him) Jameer Nelson turned into a fine point guard in this League A shame he got injured but he set the tone early in the season. Hedo Turkoglu is at the peak of his career; Rashard lewis is healthy and playing great ball Dwight is not even the Cavs biggest problem, it’s these two dude who they cant seem to stop. New additions like the energetic and crafty Mickael Pietrus okay Lebron is getting 40 every night  but, Peitrus has been getting critical stops when it matters most , except when turk was playing Bron with one sec left.Why wasn’t that Peitrus? Thats another story, off the subject but does anybody think Peitrus looks like Rafiki from lion king? along with veteran point guard Anthony “Beetljuice” Johnson who at times shows flashes of brilliance,game 2 when Turk couldn’t buy a bucket it was Beetlejuice that held it down until Hedo did what Hedo will try and put it all together this season.”

Magic in 6 holla at me!