Can the Knicks Land Tracy McGrady?

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Some in the New York media are excited about the possibility of T-Mac moving to Gotham, even if it’s only for a few months. Despite the swirling rumors about a three-team trade that’s supposedly on the table, McGrady (and his massive, expiring contract) may not be going anywhere.

Not yet, anyway. And New York is by no means guaranteed his services.

The Houston Chronicle attempts to sift through the rumor mill:

There have been talks about deals for Andre Iguodala of the 76ers and Caron Butler of the Wizards. There have also been talks with the Knicks and Bulls, including some discussion on three-team deals that would limit the long-term contracts the Rockets would have to take back in a trade.

A report on Wednesday had the Rockets talking with the Knicks and Wizards about a deal in which the Rockets would receive Butler and Brendan Haywood from Washington, with the Wizards receiving Al Harrington from the Knicks. A person with knowledge of the talks said that deal has not been discussed, but there have been discussions about three-team trades. Those deals are not considered more likely than direct trades and are not expected until next Wednesday or Thursday, if at all.

There remains a chance that the Rockets will not trade McGrady to let his contract expire and seek help in free agency. Rockets players are saying they would be happy to make do. “It’s not up to me to say that, but I believe in the team,” forward Luis Scola said. “The team we have here, we could be good. What’s in our hands is to control the guys who are here, and with the guys who are here, we could be better. We should be better. “That’s what hurts. With the guys who are here, we should be able to compete on any court in the NBA. And we should be able to fight for the playoffs.”

The T-Mac saga is far from over. As always, stay tuned.