Can the Wizards’ Old Offense Work in Philly?

by August 27, 2009

Eddie Jordan is convinced that it absolutely can. And Sixers fans are praying he’s right: “People are eager to see this new offense, which will be run without the team’s starting point guard for the past two-plus seasons since Andre Miller signed with Portland. ‘We don’t consider it a point [guard position], we consider it two guards,’ the coach explained. ‘And again, it goes back to talent. If you have two guards who are talented, it can work. I look back at Gilbert Arenas and Larry Hughes. Neither was a point guard. They were more talented, scoring guards and it worked. And that’s what we look at here. I think the way the system works, it enhances the guys who aren’t able to go one-on-one. It helps the scorers to help their teammates. It allows scorers to be scorers. I go back again to whether it’s Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas, the highest scoring trio in the league [in 2005-06 they averaged just over 67 points a game combined].”