Carlos Arroyo Waived by the Heat

by March 01, 2011

To make room for Mike Bibby, Miami has bid Carlos Arroyo adieu. From the Sun-Sentinel: “For as much as players embraced the impending arrival of playoff-tested point guard Mike Bibby, the cost of that move, the release of former starting point guard Carlos Arroyo, resonated throughout the roster. ‘Any time you lose a teammate, it’s always hard, especially someone who you get to know, you get to be around someone for a couple of years. It’s never easy,’ guard Dwyane Wade said. ‘It’s always bittersweet, especially in this situation with Carlos. He was doing a great job starting, really didn’t do anything wrong to get out of the lineup. It’s very unfortunate. One thing we know we can do is hope that he ends up in a good situation.’ Because Arroyo was released before Tuesday’s 11:59 p.m. deadline for playoff eligibility, he remains eligible for another team’s playoff roster, regardless of when he signs. After starting in his first 42 appearances this season, Arroyo was replaced in that role by former starter Mario Chalmers, seeing limited minutes since, including being held out of 10 of the last 14 games. Now it is Chalmers who could see his minutes evaporate. The Heat went through a similar maneuver in advance of last season’s buyout deadline, when Rafer Alston arrived to claim the starting spot at point guard.”