Carlos Boozer Wants to Stay in Utah

by February 24, 2010

Perhaps coming to the realization that there’s not much of a market out there for him, Carlos seems to have had a change of heart about where to call home going forward: “Last summer, Carlos Boozer listed Miami and Chicago as potential places he’d like to play. On Tuesday, the Utah Jazz power forward mentioned an entirely different city far away from those two possible NBA homes. While a guest on ESPN’s ‘Jim Rome is Burning,’ Boozer told the popular sports host he’d be a happy camper if his NBA career continued in, yep, Salt Lake City. In fact, the current Western Conference player of the week said he hopes the Jazz are \very aggressive’ in their attempts to re-sign him after his six-year contract with Utah expires this offseason. ‘You know, this is a team I’m proud to be a part of,’ Boozer said, ‘and I hope it’s an option for me to come back and stay.’ That’s a far cry from last summer when Boozer spoke openly about being certain he would be traded before the 2009-10 season tipped off.”