Carmelo Anthony: ‘I Would Always Like to Play With Kobe’

by October 27, 2014

The New York Knicks held an open practice Sunday, and Carmelo Anthony was asked about his free agent flirtations with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

Anthony says he gained a lot of insight and additional respect for the Bulls, and completely shot down the media-created theory that other superstars fear playing with Kobe Bryant.

Per Newsday:

“My mind-set is not there right now,” Anthony said. “I’m focused on building it here in New York. I can’t go out there worrying about them and think this is where I could’ve been.”


While the subject of where Anthony didn’t go was being discussed, he also said he was not scared away from joining the Lakers because of Kobe Bryant. (A recent ESPN report said free agents don’t want to play with the ultra-critical Bryant.)


“Hell, no,” Anthony said. “If I thought that was the right situation for me from an overall perspective and having a team, I would’ve looked at that situation more in-depth. I just thought I was more comfortable playing here now. I would always like to play with Kobe.”


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