Carmelo Anthony Calls Knicks and Nets ‘Laughingstock’ of the NBA

by December 04, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks will play on national TV tomorrow night—something no one wants to see, including perhaps both the Knicks and Nets. With both teams playing horribly and embroiled in coaching turmoil, Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd gave frankly brutal assessments of their respective squads. Per the NY Daily News and Bergen Record:

“It’s the rivalry, [but] both teams stink,’ Kidd said Tuesday night, summarizing the situation perfectly. If that doesn’t get you excited for the big game, nothing will. The Knicks (3-13) have lost nine in a row. The Nets (5-13) have lost five straight at home. The quality of basketball isn’t likely to be high, but because both teams need a win so desperately, it could very well be compelling. ‘At this point, we’re trying to figure out who we are and fix this,’ Kevin Garnett said when asked about the Knicks game. ‘We are at home getting beat by 30, 40 points and that’s not what we want. That’s not even close to [where] we predicted where we wanted to be.’ […] ‘We have to find a way to get better,’ said Kidd, who played for the Knicks last season. ‘It starts tomorrow [at practice] for us. We have to find some answers as to why we go our separate ways instead of staying [together] as a team. So we’ll figure that out, and again, we have to find a way to protect home.'”