Carmelo Anthony Says Comments on His Legacy Were Out of Context

Carmelo Anthony’s name has been in the headlines recently both for his stellar play and his recent comments on his basketball legacy.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Melo reportedly suggested that if his career ends without an NBA Championship, he’ll still be satisfied because of his Olympic accomplishments.

Apparently, those comments were taken out of context. Anthony took to Instagram to express his frustrations.

ME: I’m bout to go off

Bron: Chill, Chill don’t do it

Me: Why Not?

Bron: Bc, they don’t even know the context of your answer or the question.

Me: So, they could just get away with this?

Me: Corny, B

Bron: StayMe7o

Anthony wouldn’t explain what he meant by his comments, but it’s pretty clear that a Championship is still very much on his radar.